7s Football League Season 4 Match Day 9 Results

November 10, 2019 – The Philam 7s Football League took a short break last week and is back for Match Day 9 at the McKinley Stadium.

Gershon Awukudey immediately got to work and scored Ghana FC’s first goal in two minutes. After the first half, Hassan Mohammed followed it up with another goal as Futbol Fanatics failed to score and lost, 0-2, to the defending champions who had no substitutes for this game. Ghana remains on top of the standings at 8-1.

“Today, coach told us that we should prepare for this game because we’re not enough. We were only seven. We should focus on defending because they have goal possession,” said Evans Odoi of Ghana FC.

Yohan Fofana scored the first goal to put the Super Eagles up 1-0 by halftime. Laro FC had a hard time cracking the former champions’ defense while Christopher Olisa Anene and Charles Ujam added two more goals with the Super Eagles taking the victory, 3-0.

“We did a little bit of training and a bit of analysis about that game. Actually, we don’t know who’s going to come up but we know who plays behind,” said Super Eagles Coach Danny Cross on their preparation against Laro FC.

“We just do our normal thing, pass the ball around and have the chance to play around. Those are the right things to score when you have the opportunity to score,” he adds.

A hat-trick and a shutout happened as Deportivo Matu defeats Tondo FC. Fran Moran scored all the goals in the game as the defense of Matu was clicking and didn’t allow their opponents to score any goal. With this win, Matu is back on the winning column, 5-4.

“I think we have been playing quite well, quite compact, quite organized and we’re finding our style,” said BSC’s Captain Nico Bolzico who sees the team’s consistency.

“We have been playing pretty much every game with the same player so we know each other a lot. I think that’s the key. We don’t have a big star, we have a strong team.”

After Monte Manila scored the first goal, Superbad rained their opponents with four goals as halftime ends, 4-1. It was the same story in the second half with Monte scoring the first goal and four more goals added for Superbad. Monte managed to score three more goals before full time as Superbad prevails, 8-4. Alou was the top goal scorer for Superbad with two. This victory moves up Superbad into 8th place in the standings.

“We basically told everyone to not relax, still push, still keep on fighting ’cause Monte is known for a comeback win. We didn’t want them to repeat that against us,” said Superbad playing coach Iggy Halil who expressed that they much needed a win after falling to 9th place.

With the game tied, Enzo Omgba scored a goal nearly in the last two minutes of the match as Bohemian Sporting Club prevails in a very heated match against the Real Amigos, 2-1. BSC is tied with the Super Eagles at second place in the standings.

“We already have the hopes that of course, we’re gonna win because we trained hard for this so we had the high spirit and we’re gonna win,” said BSC’s goalkeeper Kele Ogbonna. “There was no change in our mindsets or my mindset. We kept the same strategy and it walked out at the end of the day.”

DMatsunaga came off on a good start with Azoz scoring at the 19-minute mark. In the second half, Mondo International’s Romeo Cooper equalized the score as the match went to a shootout. Hector of DMatsunaga scored the winning goal as their record improves to 5-4.


7s Football League: Premier Division
DMatsunaga FA 2 1 Mondo International
Superbad Pride FC 8 4 Monte Manila
Deportivo Matu 3 0 Tondo FC
Super Eagles 3 0 Laro FC
Ghana FC 2 0 Futbol Funatics
Bohemian Sporting Club 2 1 Real Amigos
7s Football League: Men’s Division
Komrads Pangulo FC 6 1 Laro B
Spoly 5 1 Team Socceroo
Mendiola FC 6 2 Manila Kings
Zark’s DNO FC 3 1 Manhur Fatima
Philippine Coastguard Azzurri 4 2 Paha FC
7s Football League: Women’s Division
Stallion-Hiraya FC 3 1 Nomads
Payatas FC 5 1 Futbol Funatics
Superbad Azzurri 1 0 Beach Hut
Bohemian Sporting Club 3 2 Azzurri Girls
OutKast FC 11 0 Sims United
KAYA Fc 5 1 Azzurri Ladies
7s Football League: Youth Division – U15
Tuloy sa Don Bosco 8 0 AFS
Carribean FC 4 1 Tondo FC
Tuloy sa Don Bosco 4 0 Nomads
Tondo FC 2 0 British School Manila
Tuloy sa Don Bosco (B) 2 0 Nomads
British School Manila 0 0 Loyola FC
Tuloy sa Don Bosco (B) 6 0 AFS
Carribean FC 1 1 Loyola FC
7s Football League: Youth Division – U13
British School Manila 4 0 Team Socceroo
Nomads 2 0 Tondo FC
Bannister 2 1 Team Socceroo
Nomads 0 0 Loyola FC
Tuloy sa Don Bosco 9 0 Bannister
Loyola FC 1 0 AFS
Tuloy sa Don Bosco 2 1 British School Manila
AFS 2 1 Tondo FC
7s Football League: Youth Division – U11
AFS 2 0 Team Socceroo
Southridge (B) 3 0 Mondo International
Southridge (A) 3 0 Team Socceroo
Southridge (B) 0 0 Tuloy sa Don Bosco
Loyola FC 2 1 Southridge (A)
Tuloy sa Don Bosco 1 1 British School Manila
Loyola FC 2 1 AFS
British School Manila 1 0 Mondo International
7s Football League: Youth Division – U9
Bannister 6 0 Team Socceroo
Mondo International 2 0 Loyola FC
El Lutador 2 0 Bannister
Mondo International 2 0 Aspire
El Lutador 1 1 AFS
G8 Academy 1 0 Aspire
AFS 3 0 Team Socceroo
G8 Academy 1 0 Loyola FC