G8 Academy crowned as U11 champions

November 17, 2019 – G8 Academy battled through Bannister in a shootout to become the Philam 7s Football League U11 champions at the McKinley Stadium.

Punching their ticket to the finals, G8 Academy went through Loyola FC and beat them via shutout.

In the finals, they faced Bannister and the game was tied at 2-2 at full time. Match went into a penalty shootout as G8 Academy went home with the U11 crowns.

“During their journey, the first game, second games, they became more the team together. They learned to communicate with each other. They learned to play good football with each other,” said G8 Academy head coach Francisco Javier de Boer.

“So I’m really proud of them. I’m really happy with what I saw in the process, how they did,” he adds.

More than the victory, Coach Javier de Boer stressed that the important thing about his job is to ensure that the kid athletes grow up to be better people through football.

“I like to develop them not only as a football player but also that they get stronger as a person and I can see that in the field also. And that I don’t give up during the games,” he said. “In the beginning, we are shy and now they are more talking in the field. I’m really happy with that progress as a football player.”

“Mondo International also won their game against Loyola FC in a high scoring affair, 5-4, to be named as the third-place team in the U11 Division.”

“I’m really happy that I’m a coach from G8. Of course, I am great which gave me the great opportunity to be a coach in G8,” a grateful Javier de Boer said.

“So I’m really happy with that. And of course my players because without them and without the players, I cannot do this. And yeah, I’m really happy with the support that I get from the parents and G8 family.”


7s Football League: Youth Division – U9
Tuloy sa Don Bosco 5 3 British School Manila
Battle for Third
Mondo International 5 4 Loyola FC
Placing 5th & 6th
El Lutador 3 1 AFS
Placing 7th & 8th
Aspire 6 0 Team Socceroo
Winners Bracket
G8 3 0 Loyola FC
Bannister 2 0 Mondo International
Losers Bracket
El Lutador 8 0 Team Socceroo
AFS 1 0 Aspire