Matu Deportivo gives BSC’s first taste of defeat

Matu Deportivo hands Bohemian Sporting Club their first taste of defeat during the fourth season of the 7s Football League in Manila.

Dioh Tanga was the player of the game scoring two of the three goals, including the tiebreaker point, for Matu Deporitivo.

It was a game that both teams were feeling each other but when Matu Deportivo saw some weak spots of their opponents, they just had to capitalize.

“So the beginning we decide to hold back a bit, to play a bit more defensive. We know they have a lot of good players but they also have a lot of temperamental players so we want to let them play defensively, wait for them and play counter-attack,” said Nico Bolzico

“When we scored all the goals so basically after we stood out, we saw that we can hurt them so we start attacking more and more. And yeah, we know we have to control the good players in the middle. They control the ball very well and we knew who we have to mark on. I think I could say it’s a good game,” he adds.

Matu Deportivo now stands at 2-2 in the team standings with their next opponent are the former league champions Super Eagles on Match Day 5.