U13: Makati Football Club, De La Salle Zobel sweet Match Day 4 games

Makati Football Club dominated in Match Day 4 with a victory over their female counterparts MFC Girls, 4-1, and shuts down Team Socceroo, 5-0.

De La Salle Zobel also swept their matches. First was with Angono FC, 4-0, and Team Socceroo, 1-0.

Tuloy sa Don Bosco also won against Team Socceroo, 4-0 but draws the MFC Girls, 0-0.

Angono FC earned a victory over Payatas FC, 3-0, with Nomads also registering a win with the same score with Payatas FC.

7s Football League: Youth Division – U13
Nomads 3 0 Payatas FC
Makati Football Club 4 1 Makati Football Club Girls
De La Salle Zobel 5 0 Angono FC
Tuloy sa Don Bosco 4 0 Team Socceroo
De La Salle Zobel 1 0 Nomads
Makati Football Club 5 0 Team Socceroo
Angono FC 3 0 Payatas FC
Tuloy sa Don Bosco 0 0 Makati Football Club Girls