Premier Division: Laro FC secures first victory in Season 5 against Spoly

February 23, 2020: Laro FC gets its first win of Season 5 of the AIA Philam 7s Football League Manila with a tightly contested match against Spoly, 3-2.

In the first half, Dominique Mekinda started the game with a goal to bring Laro FC up early. Spoly’s Mono Douqahi countered with one of his own and Laro’s Josep scores a goal before the halftime. Laro enters the second half with a 2-1 lead.

With the adjustments in check, Spoly ties up the game with a goal from Ahmed Yusuf. Yohann Fofana of Laro scores the critical goal for his team as Laro FC holds on to take their first victory.

I think that the teams barely knew that we had been playing since the first season but we lost a lot of key players since the league expanded so that the veterans the team are just me and ton and boogie from the older team so we’re still trying you know get our groove on thankfully tonight we were able to come out with the win,” said Laro FC Goalkeeper Cedric Hodreal.

“Now, we know where to park our key players and we know who steps up when we put them on striker, we know who steps up when we put them as a defender,” he adds.