Premier Division: Real Amigos gets first win in dominating fashion over Digger FC

February 23, 2020 – The Real Amigos Philippine Eagle followed up their loss with a strong outing by shutting out Digger FC with a high scoring affair, 10-0, at Match Day 3 of the AIA Philam Life 7s Football League Manila Match Day 3.

From the beginning, the Real Amigos dominated as Joel Okono and Baba Valy each scored two goals along with another one with Godwin Odogu as they end the first half with 5-0.

The dominance continues with Emmanuel Donkor scored three-consecutive goals to start the second half. Joel Okono scored another and Omedas capped off the night with a goal of his own.

It was a far better performance for the Real Amigos after dropping their first game against Monte Manila.

“We had a very difficult game on our last game against Monte,” recalls Lerche Njang, team manager and head coach of Real Amigos

Despite the dominating victory, Njang insisted that this game against Digger FC was not easy as well.

“Playing the game today was it was easy but not really that easy. I mean in the 7’s League every game is difficult but at least we learn from our game against monte that is why I think we really dominated the game today,” he said.

Moving forward to their next game, Njang feels that the team would just have to stick to the game plan and wins will follow fo the rest of the season.

“We have to stick to our plans. In the first game, we did not really follow our plans. Today, I think we stick to keeping the ball and playing. The last game we didn’t follow it but this time we did it and it became easy,” said Njang.